Elle Lively McBroom: Net Worth, Biography and Career [2024]

With a contagious smile and eyes that melt hearts, Elle Lively McBroom isn’t your average seven-year-old. Born into the spotlight as the firstborn of YouTube royalty Austin McBroom and fitness model-turned-influencer Catherine Paiz, Elle has been a star since before she even took her first breath. Her life, documented on the family’s wildly popular channel “The ACE Family,” has captivated millions, making her one of the youngest YouTube sensations in the world.

 Elle McBroom: A Snapshot 

Attribute Details
Full Name Elle Lively McBroom
Birthday May 28, 2016
Birthplace Woodland Hills, California
Parents Austin McBroom (father), Catherine Paiz (mother)
Siblings Alaïa Marie McBroom (sister), Steel McBroom (brother)
Youtube Channel The ACE Family
Instagram Followers 4.1 million+
Claim to Fame YouTube star, Instagram personality, “first child” of The ACE Family

A Social Media Legacy Before Birth:

Even before Elle’s arrival, “The ACE Family” was generating buzz. Austin and Catherine, already established figures in their respective fields, launched the channel in 2016, and the video of Austin’s elaborate proposal to Catherine instantly became a viral sensation. When they announced their pregnancy, excitement for the newest member of the family skyrocketed.

Elle’s birth, documented and shared on the channel, instantly cemented her place in the YouTube world. Viewers watched as she took her first plane ride, giggled in the ball pit, celebrated her first birthday with over-the-top extravagance, and even experienced the sour shock of tasting lemon for the first time. Each milestone, captured with heartwarming sincerity and a touch of comedic flair, garnered millions of views, solidifying Elle’s status as a YouTube darling.

Beyond the Vlogs: Building a Social Media Empire:

While “The ACE Family” vlogs offer a glimpse into Elle’s everyday life, her parents have also carefully cultivated a dedicated online presence for her. Her Instagram account, managed by Catherine, boasts over 4.1 million followers who are enchanted by Elle’s adorable outfits, playful moments with her siblings, and glimpses into her growing personality.

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Family Ties: The Elle Lively McBroom Clan:

Elle’s life revolves around family. Her father, Austin, a former NCAA basketball player, showers her with affection, calling her his “princess.” Her mother, Catherine, meticulously manages Elle’s online presence while nurturing their close bond. Elle also has two younger siblings, Alaïa and Steel, who frequently appear in her vlogs and Instagram photos, offering viewers a glimpse into the bustling, love-filled McBroom household.

A Life Under the Lens:

Growing up with cameras following your every move presents unique challenges and blessings. For Elle, it has meant sharing her childhood with the world, experiencing fame at a young age, and forging a bond with millions of online fans. While privacy can be a challenge, Elle seems to thrive in the spotlight, her infectious laughter and unfiltered joy radiating through the screen.

The Future of a Mini-Mogul:

At just seven years old, Elle McBroom has already achieved more than most people dream of. With a devoted fanbase, a thriving online presence, and a supportive family, the future is bright for this miniature media mogul. Whether she follows in her parents’ footsteps and embraces a career in entertainment or carves her own path, one thing is certain: Elle McBroom has the talent, charisma, and unwavering support to achieve anything she sets her mind to.

 Elle McBroom’s Carrier Timeline 

Age Year Event Platform Significance
-1 2015 Austin & Catherine start dating N/A Lays foundation for “The ACE Family”
0 2016 The ACE Family launches YouTube Birthplace of Elle’s online presence
0 2016 Elle born, birth vlog posted YouTube Elle enters the spotlight
1 2017 Frequent appearances in family vlogs YouTube & Instagram Grows fanbase, solidifies “mini-star” status
2 2018 Dedicated Instagram account launched Instagram Builds independent online presence
3 2019 Sister Alaïa born, family dynamic expands YouTube & Instagram Elle’s role as big sister documented
4 2020 Increased brand endorsements & collaborations Instagram Begins exploring commercial opportunities
5 2021 Brother Steel born, family further grows YouTube & Instagram Family unit becomes central theme
6 2022 Continued vlogging & Instagram activity YouTube & Instagram Maintains strong online presence, personality evolves
7 2023 Potential collaborations & independent projects YouTube & Instagram Future direction uncertain, potential for branching out

 Some Surprising Facts about Elle McBroom 

  • Born Famous: Elle wasn’t just born into a YouTube family; she was practically born into YouTube fame. Her parents’ proposal video went viral before she was even born, and her arrival was documented and uploaded for the world to see.


  • Multilingual Star: At just 7 years old, Elle is already fluent in English and Spanish. Her parents have made a conscious effort to raise her bilingually, exposing her to both languages and cultures.

  • Mini Fashionista: Elle has a flair for fashion and rocks designer clothes with the confidence of a seasoned pro. Her Instagram account is a veritable lookbook of adorable outfits, and she’s even collaborated with children’s clothing brands.

  • Animal Lover: Elle has a big heart for animals, especially dogs. She has two pups of her own, a Pomeranian named Gigi and a Goldendoodle named Zeus, and she frequently features them on her social media.

  • Future Ballerina?: Elle loves to dance and takes ballet classes. Her graceful moves and natural rhythm have impressed her followers, and some are even speculating that she might have a future as a ballerina.

  • Business Savvy: At a young age, Elle is already showing signs of entrepreneurial spirit. She has her own line of merchandise, including t-shirts, phone cases, and even slime kits.

  • World Traveler: Despite her young age, Elle has already been to over 10 countries. Her parents love to travel and bring their kids along for the adventure.

  • Tech Wiz: Elle is a natural when it comes to technology. She can navigate her iPad with ease and even knows how to edit her own videos.

  • Bookworm in the Making: Elle loves to read and has a growing collection of children’s books. Her favorite authors include Dr. Seuss and Mo Willems.

  • Philanthropist in the Making: Elle is already aware of the importance of giving back. She has participated in charity events and even donated some of her own toys to less fortunate children.

Beyond the numbers:

Despite the statistics and metrics, Elle McBroom is more than just a social media phenomenon. She is a child, brimming with curiosity, kindness, and a zest for life that shines through the screen. Her story is a testament to the power of family, the allure of online fame, and the innocence that captures the hearts of millions. As Elle continues to grow and explore the world, one thing is for sure: her journey is a captivating one that will undoubtedly continue to inspire and entertain for years to come.

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